Jelqing Exercises and Techniques

Jelqing Exercises – Jelqing is an old technique that is supposed to come from the ancient Arab times when a father would show his son how to increase his manhood by elongating his penis. The jelqing technique is quite simple and has been repeatedly performed by men over the centuries. An ‘OK’ grip need to be made with your hand and then the hand needs to be pushed over the penis in a movement known as the milking the shaft.

This makes the blood flow more towards the penis. Over time, the jelqing technique helps to make the blood flow more. When this happens the erection is better and the penis gets elongated. Over the time, there’s growth of tissue in the penis that increases the size and the girth of the penis.

Now with the jelq device, it’s easier on you to perform the exercises. The technology has been developed to provide total comfort to people who perform this exercise. Rather than depend on your hand, it provides an easy alternative. Now your hand need not get tired and neither should men be worried about the pressure that they need to exert.

Every time you use the device, you would now apply the correct technique and pressure. This jelqing technique will help you to get a longer penis faster. With the device, you get constant pressure and intensity without tired hands. Since the technique is correct, you will get faster results rather than doing it by hands.

In addition to the jelq device, you will also get a PenisHealth Lite Exercise program that give will give the men the sexual confidence and independence to perform in any situation. With dura padding, the jelq device doesn’t hurt and with precise weighting system, constant pressure is applied throughout the shaft of the penis.

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