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A small penis is a matter of concern for both men and women. Men can’t satisfy their partners and women feel that a man with a small penis can never bring them sexual satisfaction. But all hope isn’t lost. The latest jelqing device can add inches to a man’s penis and boost the sexual confidence 100 times over. Its time that men did something about it instead of moaning.

Provides constant pressure

The jelq device provided constant pressure to the shaft and helps encourage tissue growth which leads to penis enlargement. Men need to exercise their penis with the new jelqing device for a few minutes everyday and they can see the difference in the length within the first week itself.

Learn to control the ejaculations

Learn to control their ejaculations when they use the jelqing device. This way there won’t be any more premature ejaculations and they can satisfy their partners all the more. This also means that men and women can partner in longer sex sessions. Since blood flow is increased to the penis by use of the jelqing device, men experience fuller and harder ejaculations. They will no longer dribble and feel experienced about it. This brings complete satisfaction to the men and their partners.

Provide comfort and safety

The jelqing device is special because it has dura cyclinder padding that ensures great comfort and grip and shows results faster than any other penis enlargement device on the market today. It gives precise weight for even pressure along the penis encouraging the tissues in the penis to grow all over.

The rollers of the jelqing device have been adapted to fit the shape and the size of the penis. The rolling action is smooth and men can easily focus on the areas that they want to. The jelqing device is a simple device that helps to enlarge the tissues, in this way the blood flow to the penis is more. There is no fatigue when using this device. Penis enlargement exercises by hand can cause fatigue.

Tell the difference within 30 days

The users can experience the difference within the 30 days of using the device regularly. In fact the difference is so visible that their partners will also be astonished at the increase in the size and the girth of the penis. This is great news since men can now enjoy their sexual life better.

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