How to Jelq Properly

How to Jelq – Jelqing is a centuries old method to increase the size of the penis. In fact in the ancient Arab times, it was taught by the father to the son. A longer and meatier penis will help to get a great erection that also last’s longer. Women will be satisfied and men gain new sexual confidence. By providing a constant pressure on the shaft of the penis, men can easily add inches to their penis.

The jelq technique is very simple. Men need to form an ‘OK’ grip with their hands and then constantly move it along the shaft of the penis. This technique is also known as milking. Over time, the tissues in the penis respond by growing more. This leads to enlargement of the penis. A longer and larger penis will also have more blood flow. But now it’s far simpler to practice the jelq exercises. Jelq exercises should be done regularly and for a few minutes everyday.

With the jelq device, it’s very easy to perform the exercises. You can even control your ejaculations. The ejaculations will also last longer. Only with a few weeks of use, the jelq device provides adequate strength in order for men to have multiple sessions.

Every time you use the device, you would now apply the correct technique and pressure. This jelqing technique will help you to get a longer penis faster. With the device, you get constant pressure and intensity without tired hands. Since the technique is correct, you will get faster results rather than doing it by hands.

Now it has been proven with studies that the jelq device actually works to increase the blood flow to the penis providing more stimulation and energy to perform. Men have more sexual confidence and can now satisfy their partners easily.

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