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A small penis is a matter of concern for both men and women. Men can’t satisfy their partners and women feel that a man with a small penis can never bring them sexual satisfaction. But all hope isn’t lost. The latest jelqing device can add inches to a man’s penis and boost the sexual confidence 100 times over. Its time that men did something about it instead of moaning.

Provides constant pressure

The jelq device provided constant pressure to the shaft and helps encourage tissue growth which leads to penis enlargement. Men need to exercise their penis with the new jelqing device for a few minutes everyday and they can see the difference in the length within the first week itself.

Learn to control the ejaculations

Learn to control their ejaculations when they use the jelqing device. This way there won’t be any more premature ejaculations and they can satisfy their partners all the more. This also means that men and women can partner in longer sex sessions. Since blood flow is increased to the penis by use of the jelqing device, men experience fuller and harder ejaculations. They will no longer dribble and feel experienced about it. This brings complete satisfaction to the men and their partners.

Provide comfort and safety

The jelqing device is special because it has dura cyclinder padding that ensures great comfort and grip and shows results faster than any other penis enlargement device on the market today. It gives precise weight for even pressure along the penis encouraging the tissues in the penis to grow all over.

The rollers of the jelqing device have been adapted to fit the shape and the size of the penis. The rolling action is smooth and men can easily focus on the areas that they want to. The jelqing device is a simple device that helps to enlarge the tissues, in this way the blood flow to the penis is more. There is no fatigue when using this device. Penis enlargement exercises by hand can cause fatigue.

Tell the difference within 30 days

The users can experience the difference within the 30 days of using the device regularly. In fact the difference is so visible that their partners will also be astonished at the increase in the size and the girth of the penis. This is great news since men can now enjoy their sexual life better.

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Jelqing Results

It is natural to be curious about jelqing results, especially if you are looking for a method for enlarging the size of your penis. This Arabic technique of jelqing is actually one of the most effective methods of going about it.

So, to know the results, you must know that the results actually depend on what kinds of efforts the men make for it. Some men have also experienced about 3 inch increases in size and about 1 inch in the girth. That is definitely a very commendable size gain.

It is also shown that jelq machines such as the Jelq Device can bring on faster jelqing results than the manual method used for the same thing.

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Jelqing Videos

If you are planning on going for a penis enlargement program using the ancient Arabic method of jelq exercises, you have to make sure that you go about it the right way so that you do not end up causing some harm to your very important organ. The best thing you can do is check out some good jelq videos that are available online.

These jelq videos are illustrative videos that tell you how you must go about this exercise. You have to be careful about the right hold on the penis and the movement should be in the right direction. If this does not happen, the exercise won’t have any effect and you might also injure the ligaments surrounding the penis.

That is why the jelq videos become important. You can actually see how the man holds his penis and performs the exercise. This helps in doing things the right way. It is almost like having a tutor to teach you jelqing.

You could easily find these videos by searching on a search engine or you could visit any penis enlargement website where they discuss the jelqing exercise. Most of them will have links to jelq videos that you can watch and many of them will be free.

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Jelq Pictures

While they may not be as good as videos, the jelq pictures can still help you in understanding how to go about jelqing in the right manner. They can tell you things about how you have to hold the penis at the start and how you have to move your grip as you perform the exercise.

In order to make things simpler, the jelq pictures are arranged in a sequential manner. This clearly shows how the exercise needs to be done. Most of these jelq pictures are diagrammatic representations, but some of them are also pictures of real men performing these exercises on themselves. These can give you a better idea of how you can yourself use the technique.

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Power Jelq

The Power Jelq is a device that helps men to perform jelqing exercises. In regular jelqing exercises, the penis is held between the thumb and the forefinger and this clasp is moved from the base of the penis to its tip in a rhythmic manner.

However, the Power Jelq device makes this simpler. Instead of gripping the penis with your hand, you can simply ‘hold’ it with this device. It also has two rollers made of foam which ensure that there is no friction on the penis. Normally, you move your hand from the base to the tip of the penis; here you move the Power Jelq device. This indeed shortens the time required and makes the exercise much more efficient.

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Jelq Instructions

If you are planning on using jelq exercises to improve the size of your penis, you can definitely do so but one thing that you need to remember is that you have to do it in the right way. If you don’t one of two things can happen – 1. You will not get the desired results. 2. You may end up injuring your penis.

Hence, you need to pay careful attention to the jelq instructions before starting these exercises manually. There are jelq instructions available on the Internet, which you can find by a simple Google search. You will find step by step procedures on how you can go about this exercise.

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Homemade Jelq Machine

It may sound difficult, but actually a homemade jelq machine is very simple to make. There are quite a few websites that show exactly how to go about making a homemade jelq machine.

The best thing is the money saving. Jelq machines are sold for anything above $60, but a homemade jelq machine can be made for less than $10. This is one of the reasons people are going ahead to make their own equipment.

However, you have to carefully read the instructions and build your homemade jelq machine in the right way. If anything goes wrong, it will have no effect for the enlargement you are looking at or, worse, it might injure the penis.

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Jelqing Exercises and Techniques

Jelqing Exercises – Jelqing is an old technique that is supposed to come from the ancient Arab times when a father would show his son how to increase his manhood by elongating his penis. The jelqing technique is quite simple and has been repeatedly performed by men over the centuries. An ‘OK’ grip need to be made with your hand and then the hand needs to be pushed over the penis in a movement known as the milking the shaft.

This makes the blood flow more towards the penis. Over time, the jelqing technique helps to make the blood flow more. When this happens the erection is better and the penis gets elongated. Over the time, there’s growth of tissue in the penis that increases the size and the girth of the penis.

Now with the jelq device, it’s easier on you to perform the exercises. The technology has been developed to provide total comfort to people who perform this exercise. Rather than depend on your hand, it provides an easy alternative. Now your hand need not get tired and neither should men be worried about the pressure that they need to exert.

Every time you use the device, you would now apply the correct technique and pressure. This jelqing technique will help you to get a longer penis faster. With the device, you get constant pressure and intensity without tired hands. Since the technique is correct, you will get faster results rather than doing it by hands.

In addition to the jelq device, you will also get a PenisHealth Lite Exercise program that give will give the men the sexual confidence and independence to perform in any situation. With dura padding, the jelq device doesn’t hurt and with precise weighting system, constant pressure is applied throughout the shaft of the penis.

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How to Jelq Properly

How to Jelq – Jelqing is a centuries old method to increase the size of the penis. In fact in the ancient Arab times, it was taught by the father to the son. A longer and meatier penis will help to get a great erection that also last’s longer. Women will be satisfied and men gain new sexual confidence. By providing a constant pressure on the shaft of the penis, men can easily add inches to their penis.

The jelq technique is very simple. Men need to form an ‘OK’ grip with their hands and then constantly move it along the shaft of the penis. This technique is also known as milking. Over time, the tissues in the penis respond by growing more. This leads to enlargement of the penis. A longer and larger penis will also have more blood flow. But now it’s far simpler to practice the jelq exercises. Jelq exercises should be done regularly and for a few minutes everyday.

With the jelq device, it’s very easy to perform the exercises. You can even control your ejaculations. The ejaculations will also last longer. Only with a few weeks of use, the jelq device provides adequate strength in order for men to have multiple sessions.

Every time you use the device, you would now apply the correct technique and pressure. This jelqing technique will help you to get a longer penis faster. With the device, you get constant pressure and intensity without tired hands. Since the technique is correct, you will get faster results rather than doing it by hands.

Now it has been proven with studies that the jelq device actually works to increase the blood flow to the penis providing more stimulation and energy to perform. Men have more sexual confidence and can now satisfy their partners easily.

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What is jelqing?

What is jelqing – Jelqing is an age old practice over the old to increase the length and the girth of the penis. In fact it’s been noted in the old Arab worlds. Even cave paintings across the world show that men with log penis were preferred. Men with long penises have been shown on cave paintings hunting the animals.

A long penis is considered to be the epitome of manhood. In fact women are attracted towards men that have long penises. Those men that have long penises are also able to perform better and have more sexual confidence.

Men should form an ‘OK’ grip with their hands and then run it along the shaft of the penis. This technique of running the hand constantly applying the same pressure over the shaft is also known as milking the penis.

Over the time in just a few weeks, the penis responds by growing more tissues. There is increased blood flow to the penis. This helps men to achieve harder erections and longer erections. They have the staying power and can satisfy their partners. Women and men experience better orgasm.

With the jelqing device, men no longer need to rely on their hands. In fact they can give their tired hands some rest, the device consist of dura cylinder padding for a comfortable jelqing experience. It also has a precise weight system that helps to apply the constant pressure.

Now men needn’t worry about the pressure that they need to apply. Rollers adapt to the shape and the size. In fact even specific areas can be targeted for getting maximum gains. No there is no need to feel tired and fatigued when the device is available. Just practice for some time and then use the jelq device for a few minutes each day to see the considerable difference (increase) in the size of the penis.

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